Paradise Now Completely Lost

Adaptation of Milton goes to hell.

Legendary Pictures has pulled the plug on Alex Proyas' adaptation of the epic poem Paradise Lost, about Lucifer's rebellion against God back in the Good Old Days before color TV. At one point Scott Derrickson was going to direct, and then Proyas came along. Bradley Cooper was going to play Lucifer.

It turns out the project was just too expensive, and after pushing it a couple of times, Legendary gave up. I'm imagining that the waning returns for epic films like The Immortals certainly had a part in the film getting canned.

It's sort of too bad, as Lucifer is just about the perfect role for smarmtastic Cooper. And I think Milton's Paradise Lost is a pretty cool story to adapt, one where we feel a lot of empathy for the devil. Even some sympathy, one might say. I would really have liked seeing religious groups get up in arms about it. 

I guess we're all stuck READING it. So lame.