Have These Little Pink Plastic Figures Revealed THE AVENGERS’ Baddies?

Those are familiar looking aliens...

Toy Fair 2012 is underway, and lots of interesting toy images have hit the web. I've been stuck in an airport with shitty wifi on a shitty netbook, but I had to take up the struggle against slowness to bring you this particular image. It's a figure from Jakks Pacific's The Avengers board game, which appears to be modeled on the movie (it has the movie characters on the box), and this is what some of the villain pieces look like. Except for the fact that this guy is pink, he looks really Skrull-y. Really, really Skrull-y.

We got a bit of a glimpse of these dudes in the Super Bowl spot, but I surely couldn't see them as clearly as I see these figures (for more pics click the source link below). If these figures represent the final alien design in the movie, we definitely got some Skrulls on our hands.