Watch A Man Attack A Pub With A Chainsaw

When he's kicked out for breaking no smoking laws, a man returns to his local pub for vengeance... with a chainsaw.

The headline of this article may have led you to believe you were about to see something really gory and horrible go down. Instead you'll see something kind of cool and funny. It's got a happy ending!

24 year old Dean Dinnen was kicked out of pub in Hull, England, after he broke local no smoking laws. He did what many of us have in the past considered doing - he returned with a chainsaw and began menacing people at the pub. But these drinkers are a tougher sort, and they fought back, pelting Dinnen with chairs and kegs until they had him on the ground and beat the piss out of him.

It seems as if nobody was hurt in the attack. Nobody but Dinnen, who goes down hard in the security footage.