Here's the full trailer for the movie that reveals Abraham Lincoln's secret vampire hunting activity.

This weekend I went to Springfield, Illinois to visit the tomb of Abraham Lincoln and his museum and library. It was all part of an event for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, where we saw the new trailer, checked out extremely brief snippets from the film and talked to original author Seth Grahame-Smith, director Timur Bekmambetov and star Benjamin Walker. 

I'll be running these interviews and quotes later today, but here's what I took away, and what you should keep in mind while watching this trailer:

They're playing it totally straight. Again and again I was assured there was no winking going on. The joke's in the title, Walker said, and that's as far as it goes. That makes the whole thing much more interesting to me - I don't want to see a movie like this where the film is stopping every five minutes to drop a self-aware joke.

I think it's a pretty good trailer - especially the final shot of Abe smashing the tree. We actually saw the scene that's from (or at least a minute of it), and it's a moment early in Abe's vampire hunting career where his mentor (or Watcher, if you will) is helping him unleash his inner power and strength. The secret? Truth, of course. This is Honest Abe. 

And by the way, yeah that is Johnny Cash doing voice over.