BACK TO THE FUTURE II’s Hoverboard To Be Almost A Reality

Pre-order a surely overpriced prop replica now!

The Hoverboard from Back to the Future II has haunted an entire generation. It all stems from the fact that the promotional materials for the film pretended that the Hoverboard was real, repressed technology, something a nation of dumb kids (like myself) grew up believing. It was the original conspiracy theory, bandied about in hushed tones in the school cafeteria. "Did you know they really have hoverboards but banned them for being too dangerous?" we'd whisper.

While we'll probably never see a real, functioning Hoverboard, Mattel is finally releasing an official replica version (pirate versions have been available for years). At least that's the news out of ToyFair, the big New York City toy convention. It'll be available for pre-order March 1st at, and I'm sure it'll be monumentally overpriced. If it costs less than a hundred bucks I'll be stunned. 

So admit it, nerds - you're gonna buy one, right? And then hang it from your ceiling by wires so that you can pretend to be hoverboarding? While wearing your $400 Nike Mags?