Lots Of Great New Drafthouse Films News!

Check out several new clips and trailers for upcoming Drafthouse Films releases COMIN' AT YA! 3D, THE FP and BULLHEAD.

It's been a busy few weeks at Drafthouse Films, with upcoming releases COMIN' AT YA! 3D, THE FP and of course Oscar nominee BULLHEAD all making waves. Get excited with these new clips and trailers!


The contender for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award has a new trailer and one-sheet out, and we've got some new clips for you. Hitflix has this exclusive clip showing a significant moment in main character Jacky's childhood; then watch our new clip below revealing Jacky and Bruno as adults. Both clips reveal the powerful, elegant nature of this stunning film. 

Star Matthias Schoenaerts spent two years preparing for his role as steroid-user Jacky Vanmarsenille in Michaël R. Roskam's BULLHEAD, gaining sixty pounds of muscle through "a diet of 3000 tins of tuna, several hundred chickens and plenty of oats, rice and pasta combined with an exhausting iron pumping workout regimen." He looks tough, doesn't he? Tough and huge. The film is being released to theaters in these cities this Friday, February 17, and will be released to a wider market after that. 


The redband trailer for manic, dystopian dance battle film THE FP has been revealed and it's an absolute blast. 

Directed by Frazier Park natives and fourth-generation filmmaker brothers Jason and Brandon Trost,

“THE FP is an ambitious, explosive and hilarious indie film achievement,” says Evan Husney, Director of Drafthouse Films, “and we are delighted to expose the Trost’s warped vision with the largest audience possible this March.” Draftouse Films CEO/Founder Tim League elaborated, “as fellow fans of films like KICKBOXER and ROCKY IV we’ve been immersed in the films THE FP lovingly homages.”

Commenting on their filmmaking journey, co-director/writer/star Jason Trost said “it's both exciting and bittersweet. We've been working on this movie for so long, it's almost like sending our kid off to college. But, you know... hopefully our kid makes a name for itself and doesn't piss the world off too much.”  Co-director/cinematographer Brandon Trost added, "there is no better place to release our mutant spawn into the world than with Drafthouse Films.  They totally get it."

THE FP will be released to theaters in these cities on February 25, so keep your eyes peeled!


Watch the exciting trailer for three-dimensional western epic COMIN' AT YA! 3D below. 

COMIN' AT YA! 3D will be released in these Texas theaters on February 24, so essentially, you should clear your entire movie calendar this month and devote it all to Drafthouse Films. You won't be sorry, trust.