The Badass Video Interview: ABE LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER’s Benjamin Walker & Timur Bekmambetov

Two action packed minutes with the star and director of ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER!

First off: yes, I'm buzzed in this interview. 

On Friday I went to Springfield, Illinois, home of the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library, for a special event promoting Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. There was a footage presentation, and we saw the trailer that debuted today. There was also a pretty lengthy Q&A, some of which I'll be excerpting in the future. 

After the footage stuff we hit a reception, where the booze options were all themed: Bloody Marys, red wine and Coors (the Silver Bullet. Get it? Yeah, silver bullets are for werewolves, but in some mythologies silver is bad news for vamps as well). After a whole bunch of Coors and a tour of the museum, I was ready to do an on-camera interview with director Timur Bekmambetov and star Benjamin Walker.

Second off: this interview took place at 2am. The whole thing was scheduled as a 'midnight' event. Everybody was really, really tired (in fact when this video begins we're talking about our early morning flights into town).

I have to say that I like Benjamin Walker A LOT. He just seems decent and smart. What was interesting in the footage that we saw was that Walker's Abe Lincoln make-up made him look like a young Liam Neeson. I'm sort of assuming that when they started shooting they thought it would be funny to have their Lincoln look like the guy who was (at the time) supposed to Spielberg's Lincoln.