Midnight In Niggas In Paris

Jay-Z and Kanye West's Niggas In Paris collides head-on with Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS

Who's more New York than Jay-Z? Woody Allen. And they both ended up with odes to Paris last year. Tim Davids (@2509 on Twitter), a regular Badass commenter, made this really fun and clever video for Niggas In Paris, from the Jay-Z/Kanye West collabo Watch The Throne, using footage from Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

And it's not such a huge stretch. As noted by the amazing website Rap Genius (you must bookmark this site):

This song gains some thematic weight from the very real history of African Americans in Paris and the rest of France, dating back to the early nineteenth century. Paris has historically been a place where black artists could go to get the appreciation denied them in their homeland, and escape vicious racism. See a short sample list of folks who have done so here.

African American dancer Josephine Baker actually makes a small appearance in Midnight in Paris.

I love this song and this movie, so I kind of love this video. Nice work, Tim!