Zoe Bell Kicks Ass in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Check out music videos from High Flying Birds, Cults and Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. 

Revered stunt woman Zoe Bell makes a glorious appearance in "Dream On," the latest video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, a single yanked from last year’s self-titled debut. Before you get all jazzed, that’s just the name of his solo venture, and not an aerial circus act comprised of young British women. Bell clearly holds her own versus her beau in every round as alternate versions of themselves, married with children, watch from behind the ropes. Since when is kissing not called out as a foul in the ring? KO my hot cross buns, Galllagher. You're one handsome, albeit lousy, ref.
Cults, the sixties pop-inspired duo out of Manhattan, take on feature roles in the fiery, Isaiah Seret-directed rendition of the track “You Know What I Mean” off the titular album. Pick it up, because it’s in two words: eerily infectious. Lead crooner Madeline Follin plays the headstrong daughter of a crumbling carnival operator heavily disapproving of her showmance with venturesome stuntman and real life flame/bandmate Brian Oblivion. Be sure to pay close attention to daddy’s late night project in the workshop. Was he behind the catastrophe? In any case, the end result isn’t half bad when you notice his wrapped in flattering dusk light resemblance to Robert Davi.

Asian-Canadian psyche-pop duo Yamantaka // Sonic Titan cast loose their self-titled LP which was met with warm praise last year, but only recently the single “Hoshi Neko” received the video treatment. The following is a sprightly, hand-drawn animated speculation as to what happened to frontwoman Ruby’s feline friend Hoshi after he flew the coop. Thus we embark on an intergalactic revenge plot powered by an infuriated fish shat out by the kitty at the thirty-nine second mark. In her words, “The process of making the video involved a lot of idea-exchange, tedious work, excitement and several bags of googley eyes from the dollar store.” I'd like to imagine a similar scenario takes place when I tell people to get lost. And if you just ate pork, that's probably going to smart.

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