Tonight! Watch PARKS AND RECREATION For The Return Of Louis C.K.‘s Officer Dave

Oh how we missed you, dear Louis C.K. 

Yay, Louis C.K.'s awkward Officer Dave is returning to Parks and Recreation tonight, and it looks like he'll be sharing an uncomfortable meal with former love Leslie and her boyfriend Ben! Dave and Leslie shared a nerdy and precious few weeks together during Season Two before he relocated to San Diego, asking Leslie to join him. But Leslie, obviously too dedicated to her job, remained in Pawnee, and they broke up. This week, they run into each other when she and Ben are looking to receive the Pawnee Chief of Police's endorsement for Leslie's City Council campaign. 

Check out the pics from TV Line below. I really admire what we learned about a month ago, that Officer Dave was supposed to be hot but dumb, and Amy Poehler wanted to cast Louis C.K. Showrunner Mike Schur told her he didn't really fit the part, and Poehler replied, "It doesn't matter. He's funny." Louis C.K. knocked the ball out of the park, and now the agreed "Poehler Doctrine" on P&R is to "just get the funniest people you can find and put them on your show." 

This week's episode will also deliver a campaign song for Leslie by Andy Dwyer, and if that's not the greatest thing ever, I'll eat my hat.