I’m Still Legend

Will Smith will cheat death to mess up Richard Matheson's great novel a little more.

Did anyone really like I Am Legend? Honest question. I know it made a bunch of money, and I recall the first 30 minutes being kind of good - the deserted New York streets were effective, Will Smith was well-cast as an actor who didn't chat a lot but compelled you to just watch his actions. But the movie eventually goes the way of all chicken shit adaptations and begs off its source material, much to its own detriment. I've never understood why you'd adapt a film about a planet overrun by vampires and remove the vampire detail, replacing them with rubbery CGI mutants who, by the way, have all the same characteristics of vampires. (I know the CGI characters weren't always the plan, and I'd still love to see what the original practical antagonists looked like).

So the end result was a bit of a wet fart, and there's also the small detail about the protagonist dying at the end. But, confirming what many of us have long believed, nothing can stop Akiva Goldsman. He's been hired by Warner Brothers to produce a follow-up to the 2007 film, to be written by Arash Amel. I guess it will be a prequel, illustrating the Extinction Level Event and the collapse of society that led to the events of the last film? And if so, does the title I Am Legend mean anything in the context of such a scenario?

That was rhetorical; the answer is no. Luckily Warner Brothers can pillage titles from the previous adaptations: I Am Legend II: The Omega Man, anyone? Or "Will Smith IS The Last Man On Earth?" They'll probably just go with Neville, since boring titles made up just of men's names are all the rage these days.