WANDERLUST Red Band Trailer Hits

Check out the new red band trailer for the David Wain/Ken Marino comedy WANDERLUST.

When I first saw the green band trailer for Wanderlust, the new comedy from The State/Children's Hospital vets David Wain and Ken Marino, I absolutely loved it. Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd make pretty cute straight men against the zany commune antics of Malin Akerman, Justin Theroux and the totally underrated Kerri Kenney.

The red band trailer hit yesterday, and while I still really like it, one part bugs me: the giant bug. This is probably just my own personal beef, but I find inaccurate and excessive representations of acid trips in cinema really irritating. It seems a little too silly in a trailer otherwise surrounded by just the right amount of goofy. But I'm still down to see this movie. Watch both trailers if you haven't seen them yet; they tell slightly different stories, both fun and interesting. 

"Anyway, think about being inside of me."