BULLHEAD’s $5 Ad Campaign: Hungry Ferrets Edition

The website Fiverr.com allows you to hire people to do things for five bucks. So we hired people to advertise Oscar nominee BULLHEAD. This time: hungry ferrets.

Bullhead is a gripping, moving and brutal story about masculinity. It's serious and smart. But that doesn't mean Drafthouse Films can't have some fun with it.

Our Tim League is obsessed with a website called Fiverr.com, where you pay people on the internet five bucks to do... whatever they're willing to do. Some of it is downright weird, while some of it is incredibly cool. Tim decided to build a $5 campaign for Bullhead, and we're going to be running that campaign over the next few days, leading up to the release of Bullhead on February 17th.

Enjoy the oddness.