If MASS EFFECT 3 Trailer Were For A Movie, I Wouldn’t See It

A new trailer for MASS EFFECT 3 hit this weekend. Devin finds it underwhelming.

Here's a snapshot of the divide between movies and video games: I think that if the Mass Effect 3 trailer that debuted on The Walking Dead were for a movie, nobody would like it. After all, it's about the most derivative looking thing I've seen in years, and a lot of it reminds me of Skyline. Which is not a good thing. I just don't want to see a bunch of alien ships hovering over our cities blasting stuff anymore - it's old. Get a new bit of imagery.

Interestingly this reminds me of the Dead Island trailer - playing right for the heart, using no gameplay footage at all. 

On a gaming point of view I find it interesting that the ad is selling 'Take Back Earth,' a location we never visited in the previous Mass Effect games. The Moon is as close as we got, if I remember. There's something parochial about Earth in the context of the Mass Effect universe, to be honest - it's such a big place, and Earth has never been central to any of it. My in-game affiiliation was always with the Citadel, which is why the attack on it at the end of the first game was so cool, and resonated in a way that I think an attack on Earth in this game won't.

I will still be buying Mass Effect 3 day of release - it's still my most anticipated game of the first half of the year for sure. I just wish this trailer did more for me.