AMERICAN REUNION Trailer Really Hoping Gen Y Is Feeling Sad And Nostalgic

"Hey guys, remember that time we were in a progressively worse series of comedy movies?"

I don't know that I can get on board with being nostalgic for the late 90s. First of all, the late 90s sucked. Second of all, it was just thirteen years ago. Shouldn't we put some real distance between ourselves and the times for which we have nostalgia? At this rate we're going to be nostalgic for March in April.

The new trailer for American Reunion is playing only on your nostalgia for the late 90s, and for the first American Pie in particular. I'm not sure it's working on me. I feel like maybe these characters are slightly less beloved than everybody involved thinks they are. I know that I am certainly not nostalgic for Seann William Scott in general. 

By the way, what's the titular reunion? I think it's a high school reunion, but they graduated in 99. That means either the film is set in 2009 (making it ripe for lots of Iraq War references), they're going to their 13th reunion or the film is set in 2014 (making it ripe for lots of Iran War references). I don't know that I should be so confused by a trailer.