Running A New JOHN CARTER Featurette As An Excuse To Talk About The Movie

A new featurette focuses a bit on Dejah Thoris, the best part of JOHN CARTER.

I remain embargoed on John Carter when it comes to reviews, but I was able to tweet a bit about it yesterday. Lemme run the tweets by you:

JOHN CARTER Twitter embargo is lifted! I can say that I will be giving the film a Fresh review.

There are scenes in JOHN CARTER that are all-timers. Some brilliant work. But there are also a LOT of problems with the film.

Hopefully the internet will be able to put aside binary 'It sucks/It rocks' stuff and look at JOHN CARTER as a movie w/ good and bad aspects.

The best parts of JOHN CARTER are Woola and Dejah Thoris. A generation will be ushered into puberty by Lynn Collins.

I can't emphasize that last part enough. Dejah Thoris is great, and my favorite part of the movie.

Also, those all-timer scenes? One of them is hinted at in the featurette above. It's when John Carter is leaping into a group of Tharks - this is, without any doubt, one of the best scenes of the year. It wil be played in Andrew Stanton's reel forever and ever. 

Thanks to Brian Henne for the link.