Watch A Clip From Joseph Kahn’s Batshit DETENTION

Take a peek into the strange world that TORQUE director Joseph Kahn has created in DETENTION.

Detention is so self-aware that it has become sentient. I think that's an important thing to keep in mind when watching the clip above, which really exemplifies the film's knowing attitude towards decades of teen pop culture, jamming all of it together in moments. The clip runs the gamut from referential to riffing on John Hughes to riffing on Joss Whedon to riffing on slasher flicks (subtly - you'd have to see the previous scene to really get that) to being its own strange thing. 

Detention opens in limited release in April. Click here to see if you're near that limited release. This is a serious love it or hate it movie, so you should see it in order to viciously argue your side!