What’s Clogging Your Drain in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Enjoy a mostly half clothed human batch of videos this week from iamamiwhoami, Rayons and Polica. 

Politely sweep Lana and Gaga aside and make room for a different breed of blonde: bona fide bizarro talents straight from Sweden, Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife/Fever Ray) and her “neighbor” Jonna Lee, who goes by the batshit moniker iamamiwhoami. I’m won’t lie. It took me a handful of attempts to churn that one out. In her newest offering and video for “Sever,” Ms. Lee dons little else other than crisp, bleached skivvies while frolicking with a seemingly docile woolly monster - or as I see it, trichotillomania’s best friend.
According to their Myspace profile, Rayons are an ambient, experimental Japanese group dominated by one peculiarly gifted armadillo. Okay, my Rosetta Stone package hasn’t arrived, else I’d do you a solid by translating their bio (as it currently stands written in their native tongue). Anyhow, I’m quite familiar with Overture, the duo behind the direction/animation who have come to specialize in truly unique, improvised illustration. The last-mentioned typically involves darling pebble-eyed cartoon creatures such as the seven masked adventurers in the following wintry journey and in another of my favorites from their catalogue, Múm's “Rhubarbidoo."

Minneapolis-based quartet Polica unleashed an altogether animalistic, NSFW love letter to nature with the video for “Amongster,” plucked from their February fourteenth debut Give You the Ghost. Auto-tuned swan song or not, director SaKu wonderfully weaves visceral response-inducing visuals of just about every creepy, crawly and slithery animal lurking in the underbrush. And that includes the humans, because where on earth could they possibly be hiding the fog machine?

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