Mondo Gets Inspired By Polish Posters For New BULLHEAD Print

A strange, beautiful piece of art from Jay Shaw.

Mondo is doing a series of posters for the Academy Awards, and you knew that Bullhead - the Drafthouse Films movie nominated for Best Foreign Language Film - would be in there. And what a poster it ended up being! Artist Jay Shaw took his inspiration from the surreal world of Polish posters for this one. Talking to HItFix he said:

"The first Polish film poster I ever saw was tacked to a wall in a video store. The poster featured a very loose illustration of a pink human ribcage with eyeballs protruding from the middle. I asked the clerk about the poster and when he told me it was a Polish piece for the movie 'Alien' I fell in love. I got home and spent the entire evening researching eastern European film art. I saw that a lot of my favorite films had a Polish poster created at some point. Blade Runner, Vertigo, Christine; all beautiful works of Polish poster art. What fascinates me about that school of design is how loose and surreal their interpretations of films are. It's almost like they're illustrating a dream about the movie rather than the movie itself. Polish film posters get me excited to see films in a way very few American posters do. The distillation of complex subjects into a single image is an extraordinarily effective method of artistic communication. I try very hard to approach each project I work on with that in mind."

Mondo will be putting Bullhead, as well as the Rango and Hugo posters, on sale during the Oscars show.