Benedict Cumberbatch’s STAR TREK Villain Revealed In Behind The Scenes Pics

He's got a Starfleet uniform on... but who is he?

These photos come from a bit of outdoor shooting on Star Trek 2. They've already finished shooting on the bridge and are now out and about, where savvy photographers can snap shots. 

The above photo shows Benedict Cumberbatch battling Zachary Quinto's Mr. Spock. If anybody doubted that Cumberbatch was the baddie, here you go. But who is he? He's wearing a Starfleet undertunic - you can see the outline of the Starfleet symbol - so is he an officer gone bad? Or could he in fact be Khan, rescued from the Botany Bay and wearing a donated Starfleet undershirt (which would echo with the Starfleet symbol Khan wore around his neck in Wrath of Khan)? 

Whoever he is, everybody's really mad at him.