Calling All Monsterkids: An Amazing Jack Pierce Mego Figure!

The man who made the monsters gets his own figure.

If you love monsters you must love Jack Pierce*. He was the genius who created the looks of the classic Universal movie monsters, making him possibly THE most influential monster maker in history. And while his creations have been often turned into  models, toys, posters and other ephemera, Pierce has remained invisible.

Until now. EMCE is releasing a hyper-limited edition Jack Pierce Mego-style action figure at this year's Monsterpalooza (which is, by the way, THE BEST convention in the entire world). Only 50 will be made. They're handpainted. They're awesome. They're not really that expensive, when you think about how shockingly cool they are. What will be more expensive is the Jack Pierce make-up chair accessory, which will cost 200$. No, I'm not kidding about that. And I would buy that too if I could afford it.

Click here to see more about the Jack Pierce figure. This is very, very tempting for me. 

Thanks to Phil for the link!

* Must Love Jack Pierce could be the title of the romcom about my life.