Contest: You Can’t Be An Active Duty Navy SEAL, But You Can Win ACT OF VALOR Swag!

Suit up and pretend you're keeping America safe from Tangos with our ACT OF VALOR giveaway!

Act of Valor, the action movie featuring real active duty Navy SEALs, opens today. To celebrate these badasses playing their badass selves on the big screen, we're happy to give away an Act of Valor prize pack, featuring everything you need to survive the harsh streets of suburbia.

The pack includes:

This cool shirt!

This water bottle. Always stay hydrated in the field!

The novelization of the movie! Learn all the proper lingo so you can throw it down next time you're playing Modern Warfare 3.

And this backpack, where you can keep all this stuff! And also your guns, grenades and stoic sense of patriotic righteousness.

How to win this array of swag? Simple - dispatch an email to devin at with ACT OF VALOR in the subject and your mailing address in the body. That's it! I'll choose one winner and have this package delivered to you by some of our other uniformed men and women: the US Postal Service.