Characters From THE WIRE As Wind-Up Toys

Bunk, McNulty, Omar, Bubbles and Kima become tiny wind-up figures.

An artist named Mister Frothee made these wind-up versions of beloved characters from The Wire and posted them on his Flickr account. Says Frothee:

Finally completed! A set of five miniature wind-up characters from yet another cancelled HBO series, "The Wire". They're each about 2.5 inches tall, and have weird proportions due to the small motors they contain. From Left to right: Jimmy McNulty, Bunk Moreland, Bubbles, Omar Little, and Kima Greggs.

I think they're delightful. And does the wind-up nature of the toys speak to the nature of the show? One of the points of The Wire is the rigid, unchanging ways of institutions. In many cases the people who make up these institutions - whether they be the police or the criminals - are just as rigid and unchanging, always walking forward in the same straight line. In fact one of the only characters on the show who is able to deviate from his own path is Bubbles. Think on it!

Here are my faves. Click here to see all of them in large sizes.