The Final JOHN CARTER Trailer Heavy On Action, Still Woola Light

And very, very heavy on giant white apes.

Disney thinks that John Carter fighting giant white apes is like the best thing ever committed to celluloid. They've included this same bit of arena footage in EVERYTHING they've released for John Carter, and the apes have a huge presence in the print materials. Why? They're in the film for about five minutes towards the beginning of act three. It's not like John Carter is smacking down white apes the whole running time.

This new trailer again features the apes, but it doesn't feature enough Woola, the wacky fartdog who accompanies John Carter. Here's the thing: Woola is awesome and kicks ass. Seriously. He's the best sidekick character since R2D2. He should be getting some great front and center treatment, and we should be seeing more of Willem Dafoe's Tars Tarkas. 

On the up side, I think this new trailer captures some of the action in the film nicely. Those bits when Carter is fighting dudes and it cuts to a frame or two of black? That's because they're spurting blue blood from their wounds. I liked that a lot.