More Like Panda Bare in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Ignore my Joey Gladstone sense of humor and peruse new videos from Turntablerocker, Beirut and Bleeding Knees Club after the jump.

Before the following NSFW video - directed by Zoran Bihac for German DJ Team Turntablerocker’s  “Alles Auf Die 303” - bamboozles you around the 2:25 mark, let me just say I believe we’ve only ourselves to blame (for the deforestation that led him astray). Bedridden much like Coppola’s own hard living Johnny Marco (Somewhere), we catch a revealing glimpse of the black-eyed bear in a scene eerily similar to that of the empty-eyed stripping twins that sent Mr. Dorff to slumber. On a thankfully contrary note, these two seem to be having a freaking field day. Before you get the willies from all the airborne breast milk, I’d argue they’re doing him a kindness by passing along the antibodies. And I hope that endangered species list is written in pencil 'cause I'm removing this guy.

Color me a straight-up sucker for genre mingling indie rock outfit Beirut and one-eyed nurses. Their new single “Vagabond” recently gave way to a humble, monochromatic video offering in which "thirsty" WWII era sailors and soldiers attempt to woo nurses with faulty moral compasses and share the ballroom floor with a very funky (actual) chicken. My favored story thread of the many, of course, is the gentleman in an earnest frenzy just behind its tail feathers, because he obviously has his priorities straight.

With the help of Simpsons animator Jon Vermilyea (best known for his “Treehouse of Horror” episodes), Queensland, Australian lo-fi pop punk mopheads Bleeding Knees Club tackle the first video from their eponymous album out in March. My grandma pants are in the wash (ew, wait) -- I’ll excuse the MIA manners and urge to schedule a clip n’ dip because these kids are all right. Now give "Boobs" her money back, ya turdwalders.

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