There Will Be A Sequel To THE MUPPETS, But Jason Segel Won’t Write It

Calm down, he still may appear.

Disney's revival of The Muppets didn't quite conquer the world, but it did well enough - and earned an Oscar - so the Mouse House has decided to give the felt performers another shot at the big screen. The studio has hired first film co-writer Nicholas Stoller and first film director James Bobin to write the sequel. Jason Segel, who wrote The Muppets with Stoller, is way too  busy to write this one.

So that means the next Muppets film will continue from the first, at least in some basic way - continuity has never been a strong part of the Muppetverse. At the very least it means this probably won't be some lame Muppets parody film, like the Henson people were churning out in the previous decade. 

Insiders tell Vulture that there's a hope that Segel can appear in the sequel, but to be honest: who needs him? I want to see more Muppets, not more human actors. Let him become a cameo!