Tim Burton’s Resurrected FRANKENWEENIE Gets A Trailer

Maybe not the Tim Burton trailer we were expecting this week, but a solid one.

Tim Burton's got to feel a shiver of pleasure at the front of this trailer fro Frankenweenie, as the colorful Disney logo surrenders to his retro black and white palette. 28 years after its live-action short film counterpart got him fired, Burton brings the story of a boy and his dead dog back - this time in stop motion and 3D. And it looks fun! I especially want to see more of the little Ygor kid. See it in HD over at Yahoo! Movies, or watch the original at the Amazon link below.

Frankenweenie opens on October 5, 2012 - five months after Burton's Dark Shadows which, I might have mentioned once or twice, still has no trailer (test market trailer descriptions are out there, but I'm waiting for the real thing).