Watch The First Ten Minutes Of THE FP

You can watch the first ten minutes of dance-battle post-apocalyptic blast THE FP here!

For years an underground war has raged for dominance over the small town of "Frazier Park" between two clans: the 248 from the North and the 245 from the South. Now...with a skirmish between the two clan leaders imminent, the battle for The FP has only just begun...

THE FP, distributed by Drafthouse Films and released to these theaters on March 16, is a manic, hilarious, totally original achievement that tells the story of JTRO (co-director and star Jason Trost), who is searching for vengeance in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where two awesomely-clad gangs battle for street dominance in the lethal arena of video game dance-fighting. The movie is just as fun and weird as that sounds, and now you can get a taste. Watch the first ten minutes of the movie here and marvel at the sweet moves and rad ensembs. 

Brothers Jason and Brandon Trost co-wrote and co-directed the film, and it's been a passion project in the making for years; they even made a short by the same title released in 2007. Watch the footage at the link above, watch the trailer below and then watch the movie in theaters!