A Complete Accounting Of All The 267 People Jack Bauer Killed On 24

A list of the fallen - people killed over the course of just eight days of Jack Bauer's life.

I gave up on 24 during the second season, when Jack Bauer's daughter was menaced by a cougar, but the show lasted a blockbuster eight years. Or, in show terms, eight days. Over those eight days secret agent Jack Bauer had to use a lot of excessive force to save the country. How much excessive force? He killed TWO HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN PEOPLE. In eight days.

I think this ranks Bauer among the deadliest men to ever live. He was killing people at a rate of 1.7 per hour, which would have been much higher had he not been such a hippie on day one (he killed only 10 people, compared to the astonishing 50 he offed on day six). Creativity wasn't Jack's strong suit; of the 267 people he offed, about 70% were killed with guns. Most of the rest were stabbed, blown up or had their necks snapped. He killed one guy using a steam burn, and he strangled one guy with a chain, but that's about as interesting as it ever got.

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