Disney Releases A Ten Minute Chunk of JOHN CARTER

See John Carter of Earth before he goes to Mars. Featuring Bryan Cranston!

It's all the rage to release big chunks of movies online before the premiere. I don't quite get it, but somebody at the studios has done the math and decided that it makes financial sense. 

Above is ten minutes of John Carter, a big chunk from the beginning of the movie. It's kind of a weird chunk, if you ask me. First of all, I think this is my least favorite part of the film. It has some great moments - if you read my review you'll remember I talk about a Pixar-feeling sequence where Carter tries to escape federal custody, and that's in here - but none of it is Mars. It's simply an odd bit to release. I fully expected them to go with the white apes in the arena, since Disney has such a white ape boner. Or maybe Carter's first few minutes on Mars. Or something with Woola or Dejah... 

Watch the ten minutes if you like, but don't judge the whole film on this.