Mondo To Release The DRIVE Score On Vinyl

The collectible art arm of the Alamo Drafthouse has their second LP release, and it's super hip.

On Oscar day I wrote a thing about how nobody will be talking about The Artist in a year* and somebody asked me what film people WOULD be talking about from 2011. Well, Drive is certainly a strong contender. The film has earned just the right amount of cool cachet without being too mainstream - exactly the sort of thing that keeps a cult movie percolating.

Mondo is looking to keep the Drive mystique alive; the collectible art arm of the Alamo Drafthouse will be releasing the film's score on vinyl this summer... with a Tyler Stout cover. This is the second LP Mondo has put out, with last year's Maniac soundtrack being the first. I like the diversity in these offerings.

There's no hint of the art yet, and we're months from the release, but as always keep an eye on @MondoNews for the latest. 

* I was wrong. Nobody's talking about it a week later. The film added 1000 screens this weekend but still couldn't crack the top ten.