John Belushi left us 30 years ago today. Remember him at his best in one of the greatest movies ever.

Guys, I know I'm shit at the 'daily' part of the Daily Trailer thing. Sorry! I'm doing my best, and I'm taking it one day at a time. I may miss some days, but I keep coming back for more. 

30 years ago today John Belushi died at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. It was a real pity, and he went way too young, leaving behind not enough work. But much of what he did leave behind was amazing.

Take The Blues Brothers, for example. This movie should be terrible. It's based on characters created for an SNL sketch, and it's basically two comedians living out their musical fantasies. The film is big and bloated and meanders. But it's so great! It's joyful and fun, it's hilarious and the music rocks. It's a brilliant mess, a living thing that pulses with energy and love. You could never set out to make a movie like this, it's the sort of thing that just happens as you're going.

The trailer is pretty bloated too, a lengthy four and a half minutes. And it leans on stuff from the very finale of the movie, but there's enough magic sprinkled through that it might send you to watch the film right away.