The Latest CABIN IN THE WOODS Trailer Teases

The latest trailer for the best horror movie in years gets right to the edge of spoilery.

I've been playing around with my Cabin in the Woods review. The film opens the SXSW festival this week, so my review will be able to go live then. The question, though, is how to talk about this movie without spoiling it. Here's the thing: this is such a great, smart movie that I am DYING to talk about it inside and out, but I don't want to kill the experience for you guys. Of course I was completely spoiled when I saw the film - I was in the editing bay and had read the script - and I still loved the movie to pieces, so maybe spoilers don't matter.

The latest trailer for the film plays with the edge of those spoilers. What's funny is that the movie's FIRST SCENE reveals the basic conceit in a major way, but none of the marketing has really reflected that. This trailer gets close but still hides from you much of what makes Cabin in the Woods unique, special and - honestly - a new classic.