Watch Five Filthy Minutes Of 21 JUMP STREET

See lots of dirty jokes from the honestly amazing movie version of the old Fox TV show.

I loved 21 Jump Street. I may have a review up later today, but the gist of it will be 'I loved 21 Jump Street.' The film is HILARIOUS. UPROARIOUS. OTHER WORDS DESIGNED TO GET ON A TV COMMERCIAL*.

Anyway, this sizzle reel is about five minutes of great jokes. Some of these are my favorite jokes in the movie, and they're not presented exactly as they are in the film - ie, the pacing is off - but I think you get the idea. And hopefully the idea is that 21 Jump Street is A LAUGH A MINUTE.

* Sony actually contacted me to clear the following quote from my Twitter feed: "21 JUMP STREET is flat out great. And it totally validated my years of Channing Tatum love." So between my love of musicals and that quote my family will be more convinced than ever that I'm gay.