Marc Maron Is a Sensitive Man in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Check out new finds from Nick Lowe, Spanish Prisoners and Grimes beyond the jump. 

Believe it or not, this is legendary English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe’s first music video in eighteen years. Let’s go on and do the math because that was the year you awkwardly watched Indecent Proposal with your parents. Snatched from his late 2011 album The Old Magic, this Scott Jacobson (The Daily Show) directed offering follows comedian Marc Maron along to a self-help workshop in which a shirtleneck’d Tim Heidecker coaches a lively bunch on the art of becoming less crass. Insert expletive because I never thought I’d see Robyn Hitchcock sharing a stage with Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh) and a handful of other goofus gents I’m sure you’ll recognize.

There’s something wholly hypnotizing about the following Jono Chanin-directed video for Spanish Prisoners’ “Know No Violence” and the track itself, a cardinal single from their new album Gold Fools (free download here). We meet a sightly copper topped woman who’s just awakened on a bridge and further struggles to remain present while dancing between another timeline in which she’s frolicking in a wintry forest sans coat amongst equally attractive clones. The latter combined with a tendency to fondle every object in their path has me thinking they must be of the “fourth Keaton kind," you know... the one that put the pizza in his wallet.

Montreal-based singer/producer Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) weirdly/wonderfully straddles a line between Lynch muse Julee Cruise and a mall performance by Tiffany I once saw just outside of a Bag n' Baggage. I can sincerely back it although I know the breathy baby voice might be to some folks’ chagrin. In the Emily Kai Bock directed video for “Oblivion,” I can’t help but extol the carefree manner in which she schlepps a boom box into the stands of both dirt track and stadium while sometimes enthusiastically waving a hot dog. Then it’s into the locker room where the dewy shirtless fellows take a backseat to her cotton candy colored bangs (depending on your interests).