Venom Might Get Chronicled By Josh Trank

Spider-Man's foe may yet get his own movie - to be directed by the guy behind surprise hit CHRONICLE.

With the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man coming this summer I thought that Sony might be laying off their ill-advised Venom solo movie; after all, they've wiped the character out of continuity and haven't reintroduced him yet. And what's the point of a Venom if he isn't connected to Spider-Man (a question I always had in the years when New Line had the character)?

But it turns out they're just as hot for Venom now as when they forced Sam Raimi to shove him into Spider-Man 3. This time they're looking at Josh Trank, the director of the found footage superhero movie Chronicle, as their man. 

It's early, though. There's no script, which means there's no real sense of direction for the feature (although you have to assume it'll be an anti-hero story). My biggest question is how, if at all, this film would connect with the rebooted Spider-Man mythos.

Here's a fun game to play: what if Sony actually wants Trank to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and to use Venom in that film? That certainly makes more sense than just launching a solo Venom franchise.