Nick Offerman Wants To Work Your Wood

The man behind Ron Swanson has his own wood working shop.

Talk about blurring the line between reality and fantasy. On Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman plays Ron Swanson, the very manly, very awesome parks department director who loves meat and working with his hands, and who hates government. In real life it turns out that Offerman has more than a little Swanson in him - as evidenced by the fact that he owns Offerman Wood Shop, a real wood shop that makes real tables, beds, shelves and mustache combs.

Offerman has a long history as a carpenter, and he supplemented his early acting income by working building scenery for theaters. While he's now doing pretty well as an actor, he maintains his love for woodworking.

You should check out the site, where they offer limited edition mustache combs perfect for a Swanson-sized lip duster.