Universal Is Post-Converting JURASSIC PARK For 2013 Rerelease

Spielberg's classic dinosaur movie to get a new dimension.

The trend towards rereleasing classic movies in 3D marches on, with Jurassic Park the next movie to get the three dimensionalization treatment. While I would whole-heartedly support a rerelease of the original film, the 3D aspect makes me simply shake my head in disgust. I'm excited to be unable to see the nighttime T-Rex attack - of course you want a pair of dark glasses to obscure Dean Cundey's wonderful cinematography in one of the great scenes from the 90s. 

The good news is that the film will probably play some 2D screenings, if the 3D version of The Phantom Menace is any indication. But fuck it, just use Tugg to try and get Jurassic Park to play in your town now.

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