AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Viral Reveals The Daily Bugle Is A TV Station

And Captain Stacy is the new J Jonah Jameson.

The changes in The Amazing Spider-Man seem to be subtle but big. As far as I can tell there is no J Jonah Jameson in this movie, and his role as the guy who hates Spider-Man has been taken up by Captain Stacy, played by Dennis Leary. And The Daily Bugle, the newspaper that JJJ edited, is now a TV station - or at the very least owns a TV station, as seen in the clip above.

That clip is part of the viral campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man, which includes graffiti on walls (combine this with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's fake leaked trailer and you get the sense that Sony wants to move viral marketing directly into the crime sphere). Captain Stacy drops a phone number for the Spider-Man hotline, which I'm sure will advance the viral game.

These changes don't bug me so much as the one I fear but have not had confirmed: that Uncle Ben's death plays out in a very, very different way this time around. Spider-Man's origin is probably the single best origin story of them all, one that gives him ultimate motivation. Screwing with that perfection is dangerous, in my opinion.