Hugh Jackman Looks LES MISERABLES Indeed

A peek at Jean Valjean, prisoner!

The picture above is Hugh Jackman on the set of Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Miserables. Jackman is playing Jean Valjean, and the image we have here - a spy shot - is surely from very early in the movie, when Jean Valjean is a prisoner (or the very first days of his parole). He's serving 19 years in prison for the horrible crime of stealing bread to feed his sister's starving children. When released, Jean Valjean breaks his parole and assumes a new life as an important man and factory owner. That's where the real meat of the story begins.

Jackman looks pretty ragged here as Prisoner 24601; Hooper's film will likely be a very gritty and dirty affair. Jackman also seems to have shaved his head - will Anne Hathaway do the same when she plays Fantine, a factory worker who turns to prostitution and sells her hair?