Los Angeles: We Have Tickets For You To See LOCKOUT Next Week!

Guy Pearce has to save the president's daughter from a space prison, and you can see it for free next week.

There's been a breakout at the prison that orbits the Earth, and the president's daughter is trapped there. It's up to Guy Pearce - a tough loner with a bad attitude, of course - to rescue her in Lockout. Escape From New York in space? Why not!

We have tickets for Badass Digest readers to see the movie on Friday March 30th at 9pm in Century City. We want you (and a friend of yours) to come see the movie, and all you have to do is follow the simple rules:

1) Send an email to devin at badassdigest.com with LOCKOUT in the subject line.

2) Tell me your real name. 

That's it! I'll be contacting winners on Wednesday, so if you come across this late don't be afraid to enter. We have a bunch of tickets.