THE RAID Opens This Weekend! Find Out Where

The ass-kickingest action movie in forever hits limited screens this weekend. Find out if it's playing by you.

Gareth Evans' The Raid (I know there's a : Redemption attached to it now, but fuck that noise) is one of the best and most satisfying action films I've seen in a long, long time. You can read my rave here, or Film Crit Hulk's here, but in the meantime know that The Raid mixes the pyrotechnics of Asian film with the storytelling of Western films. This is the movie you've been waiting for, and it's finally here.

Well, in select cities. Below is a list of where The Raid is opening tomorrow. It'll be expanding in the coming weeks - hit Sony Picture Classics' site to find out more. In the meantime, folks in the following cities should be getting very excited, and should be preparing their butts for a kicking.