MAD MEN’s Zou Bisou Bisou Available On Vinyl

Enjoy the dulcet tones of Megan Draper on a semi-ironic 7 inch record.

There was a lot of great stuff on last night's Mad Men (which I reviewed here), but the big cultural takeaway seems to be Zou Bisou Bisou as covered by Megan Draper (aka actress Jessica Paré). The song, performed at Don Draper's surprise 40th birthday party, has immediately become a hit among the cultural cool - you've surely seen it pop up on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

It seems like somebody had a hunch this would happen, and the Mad Men rendition of the song is already available for order as a 7 inch single. The B-side is the Mad Men theme song, and the single is available in red or black vinyl. At $6.98 it feels like a good collector's investment to me.

The song, by the way, was originally by Gillian Hills, who recorded it at 16 in 1961. If season five is taking place in 1967 like I think (it's hard for me to be sure - there's a Goldwater '68 sign in the Y & R window), that could mean Megan heard the song in Antonioni's Blow Up, which hit American theaters in December of 1966. Judging by her friends, Megan would be exactly the sort of avant garde type to go see foreign films. Hills, by the way, appears in a menage a trois scene in that movie... scored to her song.

Click here to order the single. 

Here's the original song: