Thank God We’ll See More Of ROBOCOP’s Face

New Officer Murphy promises a more human hero.

Say what you want about Christian Bale - he's the one actor playing a superhero who seems fine keeping his goddamn mask on. Ever since the end of Spider-Man (or was it Batman Returns?), studios seem unable to fend off whatever contractual clause it is that guarantees a shit-ton of face time for movie stars who have signed on to play masked superheroes. They don't even wear the masks in public (or posters) anymore.

Look at  that. Forgetting how cool the whole "alter ego" thing is, it just makes me want to see cranial trauma all through the third act.

And so it continues, leaking into the Robocop reboot. According to MTV, new-ish star Joel Kinnaman is totally stoked that we'll be able to see his eyes in the redesigned Robocop suit. And probably not just because every acting teacher told him that the eyes are the window to the soul, either. In the 1987 original, much of the drama concerned just how human Officer Murphy really was after OCP had their way with him. According to Kinnaman, director Jose Padilha's reinterpretation of the hero is a ground-floor reinvention which is much more human in both concept and execution, as well as more grounded in reality.

Eyes, no eyes, whatever. "Grounded in reality" was the last thing I was hoping to hear about this remake.