What’s A Nice Girl Like Chloë Grace Moretz Doing In A Remake Like CARRIE?

The horror-friendly young actress snaps up the lead in the Stephen King remake, squeals about it on Twitter like a total girly girl.

Honest question: What's with Chloë Grace Moretz and all the genre films? Hugo and (500) Days of Summer aside, it's been a non-stop string of nastiness for this kid: gory comic book movie, gory vampire movie, possibly slightly gory vampire comedy, and now they're all gonna laugh at her in a remake of Carrie. And she seems kinda excited about it:

It seems a very deliberate career path, but who are we to argue? She's firmly put herself on the radar with impressive genre work, and it's getting results. I'm hard pressed to even name another actress Moretz's age.

Still, as Devin tweeted earlier, it feels off. Carrie's the school weirdo. Even the 2002 TV movie with Angela Bettis got that right. I know makeup, hair and acting talent can do wonders, but I read this news and I wonder what fucked up high school would pick on THIS girl? As a perky, angelic-looking kid with a dark side (which could be gleaned from nothing but her 30 Rock guest spots), she'd be equally effective, if not more so, as evil cheerleader Chris (originally played by Nancy Allen).