DARK SHADOWS Character Posters Reveal Some Plot Details

New promo images drop some story hints.

Dark Shadows production company GK Films tweeted a link to a bunch of full-body character posters today, and they present, along with some horrific '70s clothing, slight suggestions of new information.

Fans of the show have been wondering why Bella Heathcote has been largely absent from the promotional materials, and this poster's billing is probably the answer. She's playing two roles: Barnabas Collins' doomed love Josette DuPres and her own reincarnation, Victoria Winters. And until we get the plot-heavy second trailer that usually comes along after the first round, the previews and TV spots don't really have time to really get into that subplot.

Here's another probable subplot from the TV show: Julia Hoffman will try to cure Barnabas. This didn't work out so well on the series; Dr. Hoffman screws up royally and Barnabas (courtesy makeup FX pioneer Dick Smith) ends up all:

This last one is a head-scratcher for me, but suggests Elizabeth Collins Stoddard has been re-imagined from the helpless victim of the TV series into a woman of deeds.

At the very least these posters might quell some of the Addams Family chatter online. The series was as much about the Collins family as it was the supernatural goings-on, and the core clan was never especially creepy, kooky or ooky. They're rich, eccentric pricks who look out for themselves first, and family second. Maybe Barnabas wakes up in the Me Decade and straightens their asses out.

Check out all the posters on the iTunes site.