Dreamworks’ RISE OF THE GUARDIANS Looks Like Warm, Whimsical Fun

Dreamworks' latest, executive produced by Guillermo del Toro, looks absolutely lovely.

I really love this trailer for Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians. I can imagine seeing this on the big screen at seven or eight - the age when I became completely obsessed with all supernatural legends - and absolutely losing my mind. The film seems to offer an unabashed sense of wide-eyed whimsy, and I think we could all use a little more of that. 

The voice cast is terrific: Alec Baldwin as Nicholas St. North (oh, Baldwin's a Santa I could believe in), Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny (Bunnymund), Isla Fisher as the Tooth Fairy (Tooth), and Jude Law as Pitch. The story is from the children's series by William Joyce, titled The Guardians of Childhood. I like that title much more, but if the studio needs to throw a "Rise of" in there to get butts in seats, whatever. 

The movie's executive produced by Guillermo del Toro, and the trailer definitely has that super GDT atmosphere of dark wonder. Consider me down.