I Do Not Immediately Regret This Decision: ANCHORMAN 2 Is Happening!

Ron Burgundy returns! With the Channel 4 news team!

This is a good day. Will Ferrell appeared on Conan in character as Ron Burgundy to announce the existence of Anchorman 2 - a movie that was long thought dead. Paramount had a change of heart, though, and now we're going to return to San Diego.

Adam McKay will again write and direct, and Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd are returning. I imagine in the coming days we'll be hearing about all of the cast members coming back - why wouldn't any of these folks want to return?

A couple of years ago I interviewed Adam McKay and he revealed that the original plan for Anchorman 2 was to make it a musical, and have it premiere on Broadway before becoming a movie. I hope this is still the plan, as it sounds incredible.

Comedy sequels are a tough business, but these people are brilliant - and they know they are following up what might be the last great true comedy classic. I think these guys are going to really come at this movie with every bit of talent they have. I can't wait.