Jake Gyllenhaal Kills It In This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

This week we've got vids from The Shoes, Orbital and Jared Dymbort.

Despite its withering internet age, The Shoes’ two-week old video for their disco-punk track “Time To Dance” will take up indelible real estate in your brain. A director I’ve frequently extolled, Daniel Wolfe, is at the helm again and this time it’s of Jake Gyllenhaal’s faddy killing spree. It all plays out more like a short film as he slices and dices his way through nearly nine gruesome minutes all while keeping fitness, hygiene and combat sports at the forefront. In the end surmise that potential victims narrowly escaped by way of sweet dance moves, so it would now be in your best interest to dust off that Zumba DVD from your Aunt Shirley.

Pioneers of nineties British electronica Orbital recently debuted a lead single, “New France” (feat. Zola Jesus), plucked from their eighth studio album out next month. Ian Bucknole directs as we follow a young girl’s stuffed lion in his hasty departure from the humdrum tea party life to dudebrosville. What will come of him post brewskis, hair gel and clubbing? And do I hear one point for captivity?  

A last-minute, charming addition comes from Brooklyn-based minimal electronic musician Jared Dymbort. In the Tony Borden & Brendan Ferrer directed video for “Family Values,” Dymbort takes the lead as an Olan Mills-esque photographer spooked into the fetal position (at first) by a coverall-wearing cryptid who keeps rearing his squashed head in every session. Eventually rendering the artist unglued, he comes to yearn for his presence. Hey, sometimes your muse chooses you.