Give us this day Our Daily Trailer. Snow White week continues with this 1997 horror TV movie starring

Is there any actor more beautifully suited to the role of wicked queen than Sigourney Weaver? She vamps all over this trailer, looking utterly fab, and I find myself rooting for her to rid herself of that pesky Snow White. 

Michael Cohn's Snow White: A Tale of Terror aired as a television movie in 1997, and it presented the darker side of fairy tale lore. The film stars a young, brunette Monica Keena (Undeclared) as Lily Hoffman, never referred to as Snow White in the film, who inadvertently torments her evil stepmother (Weaver's character, named Lady Claudia) by being young and pretty - and by somehow circuitously causing the stillborn death of Lady Claudia's son. After Claudia's brother Gustav tries to kill Lily and fails (presenting the legendary pig's heart as faulty proof of her demise to Claudia), Lily meets up with seven roughneck - yet full-sized - coal miners, one of whom tries to RAPE her. The coal mining leader (played by Ally McBeal's Gil Bellows) stops the rape, so Lily falls in love with him. She falls in love with one of the (non-dwarfed) dwarfs! I always wanted the Snow White legend to end that way.

Then all this other stuff happens, but the most important part is this: Lily's dad is played by crotchety old Sam Neill!